Case Management

The SCDSNB case management department currently consists of four full-time case managers and a supervisor, collectively responsible for over five hundred and sixty consumers. The goal of the case manager is to provide each consumer with the service(s) most appropriate to meeting their needs in the least restrictive environment, without compromising their dignity and while treating them with the utmost respect.

Case managers provide service in a variety of residential settings, from at home with families, independent living, community boarding homes and SCDDSN residential homes. Regardless of their residential setting, case managers provide service where and when needed. Case managers are the entry and exit point for consumers eligible for SCDDSN services. Our case managers are knowledgeable in the SCDDSN service delivery system, as well as community resources. The case managers’ core functions are to assess to determine services that would be most beneficial to the consumers and/or their families, implement a plan to meet the assessed needs, make appropriate referrals to link the services to the identified needs and monitor routinely to ensure that the services authorized are meeting the needs. Case managers’ model of service provision is person centered. The consumers and their families are at the center of every decision and are encouraged to give input and make choices about all aspects of their lives. Case managers are advocates for the consumers and their families and the liaison with other agencies that are also providing services.

In providing services to consumers that are beyond the scope of MSP (Medicaid State Plan), case managers are knowledgeable in and are responsible for two Medicaid waiver programs; the ID/RD (Intellectual and Related Disabilities Waiver) and the CSW (Community Supports Waiver), as well as State Funded Community Supports. A total of 192 consumers are enrolled in these three programs combined. Of the over five hundred and sixty consumers served, 186 consumers are enrolled in a Medicaid waiver program. Additionally, our case managers are innovative and have established relationships with local churches and community organizations that can assist with funding that is outside the scope of MSP and the Medicaid waiver programs.