Sumter County Disabilities and Special Needs Board
"Celebrating Abilities"

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Sumter County Developmental Disabilities Foundation

The Sumter County Developmental Disabilities Foundation, Inc., was established in January 1996.  It operates as a non-profit corporation and acquires by gift, devise, bequest, purchase or otherwise, property and funds used exclusively by the Sumter County Disabilities and Special Needs Board.

The governing body of the Foundation consists of no more than 20 volunteer members, three of which are members of the Board of Directors of the SCDSNB, one member of the parents support group, Parents and Everyone for Exceptional People (PEEP), and the remainder are chosen at large from residents of Sumter County.

Samuel M. Lowery, President
Vacant, Vice President
A.D. Allbritton, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
W.L. Youngblood, Sr., Asst. Treasurer
Chip Chase
Ann Coley
David Durham
Susanne Dwight
Erick Hodge
William Holmes
Tamara Smith
John Watkins
Ann Wilson Floyd

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